Tears of the Nephilim: graphic novel on Facebook

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Tears of the Nephilim: graphic novel on Facebook

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Offspring of the angels and humans

 Tears of the Nephilim

The Tears of the Nephilim is a post apocalyptic work of supernatural Gothic noir dystopia that we’re posting as a graphic novel weekly on Facebook.  It draws upon theology from the Tanakh, Book of Enoch, and books of Apocrypha surrounding the Nephilim; the offspring of angels who defected from the Empyrean to conceive offspring with humans.  Their hybrid children were superhuman, supernatural and immortal.  Because of their divine seraphic heritage,  but due to the defection and damnation of their paternal forebears, the spirits of the Nephilim are bound to the froring universe, deathless and denied passage to Elysium.  Though their corporeal incarnations can deteriorate or be destroyed and their will to endure wasted or wearied by the surfeit of existence, their spirits cannot entirely evanesce.   Many hibernate over long periods of the Earth’s history, while others remain actively involved: some evolving to become anthropophagic prodigies, murderous, blood thirsty and depredatory; others, more enlightened and thoughtful are stewards of humanity, heroic champions against the unjust and great captains in times of violent conflict.  Sickness and old age do not afflict their bodies, and even from the most grievous wounds they rapidly grow hale.  Still, their flesh can be obliterated or disabled through incineration, dismemberment, or imprisonment; however, their physical being can always be restored, revived and reincarnated through their many powers of necromancy and none can ever ensure a permanent cessation of their heart beats against their will.  All are possessed of great strength, intellect and physical prowess.  The eldest of them are masters of lore with powers of foresight and healing.  Many are magically gifted in music or sublimely skilled in the technology and the crafts of human civilization, yet just as many, or more at times, are transformed by their experience into monsters of nightmare; the vargr, upyri and gallu.

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