David Greenstone works as an engineer specializing in sustainable “green” building design and had not given much thought to promoting himself as an artist until he had two sons with special needs.  In an effort to raise funds for therapy his children need to improve their outcomes as adults, he founded Greenstone Arts. His synthesis of the world’s theology, mythology and cosmology into a singular unified narrative expressed though writing, illustration and sculpture, he now shares with the world for the love of his sons.  The evolution of his work is moving increasingly toward interactive digital media. David wants to explore game development as a means to construct his cosmos, beginning with an arcade game, “just a little one,” and by “little one,” he means “a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles to San Francisco landscape that we’ll traverse at dizzying velocity like an X-wing fighter through the Death Star trenches, while pursued by futuristic killer bots, hot goddesses on flying motorcycles and a spook with a hangover.”  But for the time being we’re restricting him to making hellhounds, angelheads and 3D augmented reality holodecks.